4 Ways to Make Your Patio Lighting Beautiful

LANDSCAPE_rail-lights As a homeowner, you want your deck or patio to be a place where your guests feel comfortable. You want them to feel relaxed, grounded, and inspired by the space.

One of the most powerful ways you can create an inviting atmosphere is to implement clever deck and patio lighting techniques. We’re going to share with you four ways to make your outdoor space beautiful with the right lighting.

First, limit the amount of overhead lighting. If you do have overhead lighting already installed, consider installing a dimmer switch so a soft glow emanates in the evening instead of a glare.

You can use overhead lighting to your advantage by installing LED fixtures over potted trees, water features, or sculptures. This brings attention to a conversation piece instead of the entire space.

Accent lights are a wonderful way to define a space and create a cozy atmosphere. Install accent lighting in the ground just outside the deck or patio. Choose lighting that is flush to the ground to emit a soft glow, or enjoy the versatility of a spotlight, which you can direct in different positions to change the look of the space.

Mount wall fixtures to posts and walls to add warm, soft light. Many of these fixtures direct light either up or down, which adds visual interest, but allows the outdoor space to feel calm and inviting.

Of course, every space is different. That’s why it’s great to have professional advice and direction. Yale Lighting Concepts and Design is happy to help you choose just the right deck and patio lighting for your home, whether you want to improve a tiny concrete patio or a sprawling multi-level deck.

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