Our Recipe for Beautiful Kitchen Lighting

#2Maxim Hi-Bay_48 The kitchen is the hub of the home, where meals are prepared, friends and family gather and life in general takes place. With all of that activity – from chopping and dicing veggies to doing algebra homework – today’s kitchen demands a thoughtful lighting plan to illuminate your space and create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re knee-deep in a total kitchen renovation or just making a few improvements, here are a few tips for getting remarkable lighting results in the kitchen:

Start with Ambient: The first step to an effective lighting plan is to start with good base lighting. Ambient is the general lighting that illuminates a room, and can be accomplished with a ceiling mount fixture, chandelier or other types of lighting.

Add in Task Lighting:  Pendants over the island or under-cabinet low voltage lighting for food prep. A recessed can light over the sink for easier dishwashing. Wherever work takes place, add task lighting.

Sprinkle in Some Accent: To bring extra warmth and drama into the kitchen, try low-voltage or LED accent lighting inside the cabinets to illuminate your favorite china or glassware, or add above cabinet up-lighting to open up the space and make it feel larger. A little accent lighting goes a long way in giving your kitchen a designer look.

Bring on the Dimmers: Easy-to-install and great for saving energy, dimmers allow you to adjust your lighting level to fit the mood or time of day. You can install dimmers individually or invest in a whole house dimmer system to control lighting output in every room from one centralized location.

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