Preparing For Spring With Upgraded Lighting Options

Spring will be here before you know it and Yale Lighting Concepts has a few ideas to brighten up your home and maximize your lighting. The ideal lighting for spring is “light and bright.” Discover illumination ideas that can brighten your home, but also bring out your decor by reading more details below.

Task Lighting

In the absence of good lighting, task lighting is a great choice for the spring. Try adding decorative light fixtures to accent any area of your home. Task lighting does a great job of adding ambiance to the hallway, extra lighting in the kitchen, and flare to the bedroom. By the spring, many people will be looking for the perfect lighting for the evening.

Drop Lighting

Your kitchen will always be an important element in your home. The right spring lighting in your kitchen can be a warm and inviting place for your family and friends to gather and eat. Pendant lights also known as drop lighting is a great addition to your kitchen. You can add drop lighting to any area of your kitchen that you want to highlight or bring extra illumination. In fact, Yale Lighting has a wonderful selection of pendant lighting to meet any budget. More importantly, you can choose from drop lighting that hangs low or higher to the ceiling to compliment your kitchen.

Swing Arm Lamp

Looking to added extra lighting to your home office for spring? An one light wall sconce is a inexpensive lighting option to give your office new direction. It’s great for extra light to work on the computer or for additional lighting to go over your files. In fact, if you meet with clients in your home office, a new lamp can give you enough clarity to make your best business decisions.

Need more spring lighting ideas? You’re invited to contact us at Yale Lighting Concepts today!