Making the Most of Den Lighting

A den or family room typically means different things to different people. For some, it’s an area to relax and share time with other family members. For others, it’s a quieter place where they can relax and unwind after a stressful day. Still others view a den as their unofficial “man cave” where they can spend a coveted Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching their favorite sport.

There are several important components that make a den an ideal living space for certain activities. Of course, one of them rAdan_Collection_OA  elates to selecting all the right furniture pieces so everyone is ensured a comfortable seat. As you’ll also see, effective lighting components can help set just the right tone in a den by allowing family members as well as friends, to feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to enjoy a game of cards or just each other’s company.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Generally, a den or family room works best with multiple soft lighting fixtures. A glaring overhead ceiling light does little to help make a person feel relaxed, and it offers only sparse light for fun activities such as card playing, family games, and the like. Recessed light from our friends at Maxim Lighting is often a great choice for the den. It provides sufficient light to illuminate all the areas of the room, and the brightness level can be controlled with a dimmer option. A dimmer feature is a great choice for those who like to “dim the lights” before sitting down for a fun surround sound movie night.

Wall sconces are another great option that can help add soft lighting to the den, in addition to providing some decorative visual interest to the wall(s). For those who need additional lighting over a special chair, perhaps one set aside for reading or knitting, there are many gorgeous options of ceiling pendants that add both focused lighting, as well as great appeal to the overall décor.

Track lighting is an option for those who want to highlight sports memorabilia or other family treasures placed in the room. In addition, homeowners with built-in cabinetry in their den may want to consider fitting their upper cabinets with lighting features either inside or above. This is a great way to highlight a home library, family photos, and/or decorative artwork.

If you need help in creating the perfect atmosphere in your family room or den, please contact us and also check out our products by Maxim Lighting on display.