Staircase Lighting Tips

When it comes to selecting lighting fixtures for staircases, a seemingly obvious choice of adding one or two ceiling lights might seem suitable.  However, using ceiling lights to light up a staircase only works well until one of the light bulbs invariably fails.  In many cases, it can be quite a challenge for a homeowner to safely balance on the stairs, while at the same time reaching overhead to change out a bulb.  There are ladders specially made for staircases, but they are expensive and bulky to store.  One could always go without a light fixture and simply change the bare bulb with one of the newer light bulb changing poles, but an uncovered light bulb is unsightly and produces a harsh lighting environment.  In this post, we wilTilling-Wall-Stairway-DET  l outline some tips on how to provide good lighting for staircases, while still adding beauty and style to a home’s decor.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great choice for staircases.  They provide excellent lighting along the staircase passage and they are easy to reach when a bulb needs changing.  They are also easy to reach for cleaning and dusting.  A standard staircase would be adequately covered by a sconce located near the base of the stairs, as well as one more located near the top of the stairs.  For larger staircases, a homeowner might want to consider adding one or two more sconces midway up the staircase in order to ensure adequate lighting.

Motorized Lighting

For those who have a large dramatic staircase, motorized lighting that can be raised and lowered by adjusting an easy-to-reach switch is a great choice.  Motorized chandeliers and other types of pendant lighting can provide breathtaking drama to a staircase, while providing homeowners with a easy and safe mechanism for changing bulbs and cleaning the fixture.

Table Lamps

Most homeowners will probably find that using sconces or motorized lighting is enough to provide adequate lighting.  In some cases though, a homeowner might want to set a table lamp on a side table near the bottom or top of a staircase.  This offers another way to introduce light to an otherwise dark area, as well as provide a temporary drop off point for keys, wallets, purses, etc.

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