Lighting Different Rooms in Different Ways

When thinking about new lighting, it’s important to consider which lights will go in which rooms. All rooms are certainly not created equally, and what’s good for one room might be simply awful for another. So what do you do?

You can start by considering the mood you’d like to create in each room or space. We’re going to take a look at three particular areas in which homeowners most often have specific needs.

Living Room Lighting

Much of your home’s activities will take place in the living room or living area. What you need for that room will depend on several factors. For instance, do you have small children or older children? Perhaps you no longer have children living in the home. For this room, you might consider a mid size chandelier or a few nice floor lamps.

Foyer Lighting

The lighting in your foyer needs to be bright and inviting. As you or your guests enter your home, this can set a wonderful homey scene with the right lights in place. It also helps to maneuver your way through the home if you happen to come in late at night, or leave before the sun comes up. In either case, the right lighting can move things in the right direction.

Bathroom Lighting

You definitely want adequate lighting in your bathroom. The wrong color bulbs can leave you wondering about your hair, skin and makeup. On the other hand, placing your lighting in the wrong areas can leave you with large areas of shadows in all the wrong places. For this room, various kinds of lighting will work, or you could combine certain pieces to give you just the look you need.

For instance, a chandelier is nice but you might want to shave in the shower. In such a case, a nice recessed light with a watertight seal makes a great addition. Recessed overhead lighting gives a nice clean look, while wall mounted fixtures can create a perfect reflection in the mirror.

For more information on which lighting works best in the room you’re looking to illuminate, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!