How to Pick the Right Lamp for Your Living Room

Your living room is where your inner interior decorator really wants to shine. It’s where your guests are sure to spend much of LAMPLighti Green_9344MST their time, and where the core of any party is going to be. It’s where your true style will be on display, and a big part of illuminating that style will be picking the right lamp for your room. There are just 2 things you will need to think about when you get to this last piece of interior decoration.

Pick Your Look

Lamps can make or break the overall design of a living room, so you will want your lamp to match the look you are going for. If the interior is supposed to carry a French Country house vibe, you will want to find a lamp with the clean lines and soft coloring of that look. If the vibe is supposed to be rustic, you may want something with a copper or wooden base. You will also want something that provides the right type of lighting for your look. Bright white light works for certain looks and soft, diffuse light works for others.

Pick The Lamp For The Effect You Want

It’s all well and good to like a lamp for its looks. An Art Deco little lamp is a piece or art on its own. However, lamps are there to perform a particular job, and if you buy the wrong one for the job, you wind up with lighting that has to be corrected with a second, perhaps not so cute, lamp. So decide beforehand what you want the lamp to do and make sure that the lamp will do what you need.

Do you want an accent to furniture you already have? Are you going for a bright light for reading?  Are you aiming for a soft glow in a room? Each goal needs a different type of lamp. An lamp that is an accent or meant to bring attention to something else, can be small and provide a focused beam of light. If you are going for a spot of light for close work, you will want something bigger and brighter. Perhaps a pharmacy arm or swing arm floor lamp will work. A shade over the light and a diffusion of the light will make a room softer looking.

Fortunately, Yale Lighting Concepts has lamps to fulfill every look and need. Check out our website and showrooms for your options whenever you are ready to add a lamp to your living room.