Home Lighting Ideas for a Five-Star AirBnB Business

It’s not easy to become a 5-star host for AirBnB, a short-term rental listing site. Hosts who participate in the sharing economy by renting out rooms or their Kichler_Landscape_Front_Walk entire homes rely on good reviews to boost profits. By using basic home lighting ideas, it’s possible to impress guests and give them a feeling of safety and security. When starting an AirBnB or HomeAway business or listing your home as a rental property, consider a few areas that matter to the guest or tenants from a lighting perspective.

Curb appeal

Some AirBnB guests will simply cancel a reservation if the drive by your home and it looks unsafe. Having safety and security lighting helps potential guests find the lock box or key. Many guests don’t arrive until after dark. Provide adequate and stylish lighting at the entryway and along any sidewalks leading to your home. Some of the popular décor styles for outdoor lighting include modern, contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Bohemian, Mid-Century modern and industrial. Your outdoor entryway lighting should match the interior design style inside the home. The inside foyer is also an important area for guests who want to see their way around an unfamiliar home.

Ceiling fans

In addition to being able to see the books they are reading at night or find their way around a well-lit home, AirBnB guests like to control the temperature. Consider installing ceiling fans in a few key areas of the home for guests who like it colder. When placing the furniture, place the bed or sofa so that it’s not directly beneath a ceiling fan, but a bit off to the side. Ceiling fan lights also extend the living space to the outdoor patio.

Landscape lighting

A lot of guests like to spend time outdoors while staying at AirBnB. Some guests like a budget-friendly experience but still want to feel pampered on their vacations or travels. When setting up outdoor entertainment and sitting areas, focus on the landscape lighting. Proper outdoor lighting draws attention to beautiful flower beds, birds, butterflies, outdoor décor accents and trees. Guests who want to walk around at night also appreciate good landscaping light.

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