Give Your Home The Curb Appeal It Deserves

When you invite your family members and friends over to your home, do most of them come in the evening? When your family Hinkley Landscape 115_HardyIsland_16022MZ members come to your home in the evening, do they always see your plants and trees? Do they notice when you have rearranged items on your patio? Has anyone noticed that you painted your patio floor because you wanted to hide the cracks and scrapes on the concrete?

If people are having a difficult time noticing anything when they come to your home in the evening, it may be time for you to reconsider your home lighting plan. If you only have one light on your porch, you are probably attracting bugs more than you are creating curb appeal.

Before you make any decisions regarding your home lighting design, we recommend that you start with the results you are looking for when you want to light your space. What are your main goals? Is your main goal to create better lighting for your home’s pathways? Do you want to illuminate your porch or patio to prevent anyone from tripping or falling? Do you want to have better lighting in your backyard for the upcoming family dinners and parties?

Regardless of why you want to improve your home’s lighting, it is important for you to make goals ahead of time because you will give yourself the ability to think outside of the norm. Also, you will be able to ensure that all of your bases are covered because you have listed all of your goals and intentions.

We want you to think beyond the standard light bulbs and the standard solar lights. When you combine solar lights with a combination of other lights, you will be able to turn your home and your yard into an awesome place at night. When you have the right style of landscape lighting, you will not only create better lighting, you will also improve the entire mood and atmosphere of your home’s outdoor area. Your choice of landscape lighting should be a combination of landscape beauty and outdoor lighting.

When you are ready to create your landscape lighting goals, we want you to keep these areas in mind:

  • Walkway
  • Driveway
  • Porch or Patio
  • Steps
  • Additional features of your home that you feel need extra lighting

If you want to add a uniqueness to your home’s landscape, we encourage you to give LED lighting a try. LED lighting will give you the flexibility you need that you may not be able to find in a different lighting source. You will have the opportunity to increase or decrease the lighting depending on your preference.

Are you ready to give your home a little curb appeal? Contact us today. We are waiting to help you.