Where to Use Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is popular in some homes, and it isn’t a surprise. It is versatile and stylish. However, some people wonder Progress Recessed Low Ambiant Light where they can use this type of lighting. Below are a few ideas about where you can use it.

1. In Small Rooms

You need light in this room, but you don’t have any room to spare. The bookshelf goes straight to the ceiling and there is only a narrow strip of space for walking in between the furniture. If this describes at least one room in your house, be it the attic or a walk-in closet, this may be the perfect light for you. Recessed lighting takes up no room but provides the light you will definitely need to navigate the space. If you pair this with photocontrol or similar lighting control, you won’t have to climb over furniture to light up the room.

2. Around High Drama Furniture

The antiques and beautiful new additions deserve their own special place, and having fancy lamps near them would simply overpower the room. You can copy furniture showrooms, where the pieces are lit up by powerful but unobtrusive light so that you can see every nook and cranny of your investment in all its glory without distracting from the show.

3. Rooms Where You Are Going For An Industrial-Chic Look

The bridge of the Voyager and the Serenity had recessed lighting. It’s true: if you watch Star Trek and FireFly, you will note that all the cool, futuristic spaceships have recessed lighting. This type of lighting matches the clean lines and functional look that they were going for, and it will give you the industrial-chic vibe you want, too.

4. In Halls

There is a room in every house where people run in and out of all the time, and that place is the hall. You definitely need a lot of room in the hall, as they tend to be narrow and accommodating a lot of people at once, but you also need a lot of light, since it is often where children drop their backpacks and then wander through to get to a midnight snack. Recessed lighting will make the hall safe and stylish.

If any of these ideas spark your imagination, contact us. We’ll make sure you get the ones that meet your needs.