Closets Count as Rooms!

Closets have a reputation for being dark. They are where the scary monster hides and last year’s clothes go to be forgotten. It Closet_app doesn’t have to be this way, though. Closets can be inviting and a highlight of your home decor. It just takes a little imaginative lighting.

The Light Doesn’t Have To Be On The Ceiling

A walk-in closet or a deep closet will look romantic with a few sconces and side lights. These will cast a nice soft glow anywhere you look and chase away any shadows. Sconces are also a great way to highlight features in your closet such as a mirror or a particularly neat set of shelves.

Hang The Lights For Great Coverage

Lets face it, closets are often too tall for their own good, with height replacing elbow room. Hanging lights can provide great coverage of everything that you lovingly store on your racks by being closer to what they shedding light on. They also provide a wonderful feeling of fairy lights when you first go in. It’s a nice way to start the morning when you fetch your clothes.

Go LED For Effect

LED lights are bright, and they will illuminate any nice things that you store in your closet with a warm glow. They don’t need to be replaced as often as older types of bulbs and they use up less energy, so this is the practical choice for even the deepest and most used closet.

Track Lights For Space

Sometimes you are tempted to hang a single bare bulb in your hall closet and call yourself finished. But why? If you are using track lights in your hall, you need only add one more well to bring great illumination to everyone’s favorite storage spot. Track lights free up room to stash toys or whatever else you want straight up to the rafters, and you will still be able to find whatever it is you stored there because of the great light offered by track lights.

If you have a closet that would benefit from some creative lighting, con