Important Lighting Fixture Considerations For The Bathroom

When lighting up a bathroom, there are many places you can install fixtures. As many bathrooms lack windows, it is important to SGL Alturas_Bath maximize your lighting spread by installing multiple fixtures that eliminate shadows and dark areas in your bathroom.

Ceiling–Mounted Lighting

The most obvious place to install lighting in your bathroom is on the ceiling. Placing a light here has the advantage of spreading a maximum amount of light through the bathroom without creating shadows. In larger bathrooms, though, one or two overhead lights aren’t going to be enough. Thankfully, there are other places where you can place lighting to make it brighter.

Mirror Lighting

The mirror in a bathroom deserves to have a ring of lights around it. Why? Lighting up your mirror makes it easier for you to use it when you wake up in the morning. It also creates a nice lighting experience that makes it less difficult to spot problems on your face. Try to integrate lights along the top for the best experience.

Shower And Tub Lighting

Lighting in a shower or tub should be subtle and protected from shocks. How? By placing a light in the ceiling above the shower that is covered by a plastic shell. In this way, you can create a separate light that lets you shower without it being too dark. You can also integrate lighting along the bottom of the exterior to further illuminate the rest of the bathroom.

By following these lighting tips, you can create a bathroom that looks great and which is enjoyable to visit. To learn more about lighting tips such as these, please contact us today.