5 Amazing Tips to Better Your Bathroom Lighting

One of the most important places to put in considerable effort when it comes to proper lighting is in the bathroom. It is the first place that you go in the morning after waking up, and it could set your mood for the rest of the day. Also helping people see well is critical, especially in the bathroom because most of the home accidents happen in the bathroom. Here are some of the fantastic tips that you could incorporate in your bathroom for better lighting.

1. Day Lighting

Nothing serves its purpose better than daylight, especially in issues that concern light. It is good to ensure that as you consider lighting your bathroom, include as much natural light as possible. You can do so by adding a window or two to maximize on daylighting.

2. Overall Bath Lighting

It is common for most homeowners to like the grandeur that is brought about by chandeliers. Chandeliers indeed help make the bathroom look elegant and even make you want to spend more time in it. You can also incorporate the indirect up-lighting with the use of fluorescent bulbs and LED light strips on cabinets to add that classy look.

3. Vanity Lighting

One of the features that will make your bathroom mirror stand out is vanity lighting. This means that light comes from t he sides of the mirror rather than the overused overhead lighting. In using vanity lighting, you eliminate the chances of the formation of shadows hence having a well-lit bathroom.

4. Lighting at the Tub

While the building code of conduct is strict about lights over tubs and whirlpools, you can modify this by using spotlights somewhere above the ‘danger zone’ with no chances of electricity coming into contact with water. If the ambient light is sufficient, it will leave your bathroom looking amazing.

5. Light in the Shower

For people who don’t like taking showers in dark places, this is an excellent solution for them. You can decide to use open shower trims lights available and have the desired lighting effect rather than using the outdated 60-watt maximum can.

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