Autumn Lighting Options To Set Seasonal Trends

Autumn is that time of year to set trends and redefine your lighting. In fact, the fall months are full of natural colors that can be accented with optimal lighting. With the early evenings setting in, finding the right lighting for indoors and outdoors can put you ahead of the official autumn season. The Yale Lighting Concepts, lighting experts, are prepared to help you simplify your lighting options for the seasonal change.


When autumn arrives, many people will find themselves using more lighting earlier in the evening. You’ll find yourself asking; “do you need more lights” or “are you looking for a seasonal upgrade?” You may be interested in both, but you have endless options. Classic and vintage lighting options are making a comeback this year to compliment any indoor decor.

If you’re looking for more lighting, table lamps set a cozy trend for autumn. Create an amazing reading nook or add ambiance to your living room by adding mason jars. Lamps offer an opportunity to control the amount of lighting you add to a room and where which includes hallway, bedrooms, or dining room area. Lamps are extremely versatile and can be used to create intimate space indoors.

Other popular indoor autumn lighting trends:


There are many ways to enhance your outdoor lighting including increased security for earlier evening hours. Illuminating your footpath, appreciating your garden, and/or brightening your deck or patio are also popular autumn lighting trends. The following are a few fall lighting options to consider for the fall.


Give your deck extra lighting for your after summer outdoor gatherings with LED Landscape Deck lights. Designed with a sleek design, you have several options to choose from while saving money. The brass-antique style is a very popular among the Yale Lighting Concepts collection.

Enhanced Outdoor Security

Accent Lighting works as the perfect security lighting because it focuses on a certain area of your exterior landscape. When combined with sensors, it can also serve as a great crime deterrent. You can also use accent lighting to put emphasis on your garden or doorway to give you an extra peace of mind with respect to your home occupants. However, accent lighting adds visual interests as ambient lighting to both indoor and outdoor space. Yale Lighting Concepts has a fantastic collection of accent lighting from Maxim Lighting that can perfectly complement your home.

Other Popular Outdoor Lighting Options:

Yale Lighting Concepts has the tips, trends, and illumination ideas to help you get a jump start on your autumn lighting options. You’re encouraged to contact us for more details on our two impressive overstocked showroom floors. We serve as your fall lighting professionals!