Interesting Basement Lighting Options

If you want your basement to live up to its full potential, finding the right lighting options is the key. Fortunately, Yale Lighting Concepts, has basement lighting ideas that offers a savvy solution to an age-old addition to your home.

Basement Lighting Ideas

Recessed Lighting

Is your basement designed into a office or small personal gym? Depending on how your basement is adapted to meet the demands of your lifestyle, you have a number of lighting options. However, recessed lighting is the top recommendation for many lighting experts because of its functionality. When it comes to your basement, recessed lighting peaks interest and ambiance as well as visibility. In fact, it works well with layered lighting options like decorative pendants and lamps. So, when your basement serves as unique space, recessed lighting by Hinkley Lighting is the perfect addition.

Pendant Lights

Your basement has a cavernous appeal that homeowners usually take complete advantage of by personalizing this area. For example, many men use the basement as their “man cave.” They use the basement as an area of relaxation to watch the game or have a few beers. When you’re deciding on lighting options and you want to keep things cozy, pendant lighting is a preferred lighting option. Pendant lighting gives your basement balance and invites your family to movie night or compliments couples that just want to cuddle.

Island Lighting

Do you have a pool or Foosball table in your basement? An island light gives you direct lighting to ensure that you won’t miss any of the action. Many people think a chandelier is too fancy, but today, there are several island lighting styles to fit any budget and add elegance to any space. Choose a smaller or full-size island light that will fully accent your basement and serve as the perfect lighting source with several design options.

Track Lighting

When mom needs to get the laundry done and fold the clothes, track lighting is perfect because of its versatility. Track lighting can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall and allows residents to point them in any direction. This means, mom has the perfect lighting source catering to her unique needs, but other areas of the basement are also fully illuminated. In fact, save some money on your energy costs by adding energy efficient LED light bulbs to your track lighting.

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