Subtle Dining Room Lighting Ideas From Yale Lighting Concepts & Designs

If you want your dining room area to speak volumes to your guests or compliment your taste, the right lighting is conceivable. As your dining room also serves as a room for entertainment or simply a place to relax, creating the perfect balance between lighting and functionality is also essential. Yale Lighting Concepts & Designs offers excellent recommendations to compliment the need for your dining room to play host or a modern-day common area with two overstocked showroom floors packed with lighting ideas.

 Dining Room Lighting Ideas 


Why choose just one source of lighting for your dining room? Your dining room has more than one function and your lighting should too. Try combining recessed lighting styles with track lighting to create a layered lighting option to compliment the multi-functional features of your dining room space. When you’re thinking about a layered lighting option, choose lighting from the ceiling to the floor. Plus, save money with LED track lighting heads. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or using your dining room as an after dinner work area, recessed lighting provides the perfect blend of illumination.

Set The Mood 

There’s something about the lighting in a restaurant dining room that enhances your meal. You can capture the same mood in your dining room with pendant lights. As a classic lighting option, pendant lighting draws attention to a particular area in your dining room which is perfect for family portraits or art. In fact, pendant lighting offers a variety of styles and finishes for any budget. Pendant lighting allows you to be versatile in the lighting options you choose for your dining room space. Add dimmers to your pendant lights to make it easy to relax after work or just right to entertain your guests. At Yale Lighting Concepts, we offer a diverse selection of pendants including pendants from Hinkley Lighting.

Create Elegance 

Flush mount lighting is very similar to a chandler, but it’s considered to be a dome light. This type of lighting is just perfect to hang overhead at your table area. They mimic pendant lighting, but are more decorative at the base. In fact, they don’t hang as low as pendant lights. The base of the light hangs just below the ceiling to give you the perfect lighting to capture a breath of elegance in your dining room space. With many styles to choose from, you can find the perfect style to fit most any ceiling and decor. Their decorative shades are also an added feature of flush mount lighting.

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