Illuminate Your Backyard With These Lighting Options

Your backyard is a gathering spot for your family and friends, a place where you spend romantic summer evenings, and/or the opportunity to brag about your lawn, right? Where and how you feature your lighting makes a huge difference in the ambiance of your backyard. In fact, the right lighting can set the level of comfort for you or your guests. Yale Lighting Concepts also suggests ample lighting that can deter unauthorized guests invading your pool or as a cost-effective security feature that can protect your home. Find out what type of lighting will enhance your backyard, but also help you maintain your budget.

Trendy Backyard Lighting Ideas

String Lighting

String lights are actually hanging lights with the perfect illumination for your outdoor needs. They happen to be easy to use and can bring tremendous beauty to your backyard or garden. Customers have the option of hanging them from their patio, deck, or literally in their garden. With a little planning and a few tools, you can have string lights up in no time. String lighting brings contemporary lighting with several sleek design style options.


Uplighting is a great way to add lighting to your garden wall or lawn. Uplighting is usually mounted in the ground to shine light upwards and bring attention to a backyard focal point. When you’re choosing uplighting options, you have to decide which area of your backyard you’re trying to highlight. It can also be a great way to add path lighting to your backyard too. Solar and LED uplighting can also save you money on your monthly energy costs.


Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting can give your backyard the feel of enchantment. Do you want to bring attention to tree foliage or your deck? Accent lighting gives you the opportunity to create ample lighting for your backyard that focuses on direct illumination. Amazingly, customers can choose from several style types, sizes, and dimensions for their backyard lighting. Accent lighting ensures that you and your guests won’t miss a single outdoor feature.

Other Backyard Lighting Options: 

  • path lights
  • wall wash lights
  • step lights
  • spotlights

Let The Professionals At Yale Lighting Concepts Suggest Backyard Lighting Ideas

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