Discover Residential Security Lighting Options With The Yale Lighting Concepts

Security lighting is one of the simplest, yet cost-effective ways to protect your home, family, and valuable possessions. According to online burglary statistics, “13 percent of all home burglary’s are due to poor lighting.” Thus, not only can the proper lighting keep your landscape looking aesthetically beautiful, it can also safeguard your home. More importantly, you can stop your insurance premiums from going up by reducing your risk of a residential break-in with the right security lighting. At Yale Lighting Concepts, we have two local showrooms to choose from along with an extensive online catalog that features a great selection of lighting options, including phenomenal fixtures from WAC Lighting.

What Are The Top Home Security Lighting Options 

  1. Motion Activated Lighting 

A great way to deter criminal activity is by utilizing motion activated lighting options. Motion activated lighting includes sensors that are activated once someone enters your yard which can easily be construed as someone turning on the light. As a security feature, motion lights can be used on your porch and in your yard. Consider using solar powered motion activated lighting options to avoid buying batteries or impacting your energy costs.

2. Flood Lights 

Flood lighting provides a widespread beam of light that will deter unwanted guests from choosing your home to commit a burglary. Most criminals take advantage of poorly lit homes to commit a crime. Flood lights are used to light a large area for your protection. Best of all, most flood lighting is compatible with LED lights to save you money and comes in several style types including dual lighting options.

3. Interior Lighting 

Most people never consider how their interior lighting plays a role in their home security. Motion activated lighting at your front or back door is a great way to protect the ones your love safely inside your home. Present a higher level of home security with the right lighting options. Burglars will look for a single lit lamp when you’re away or can disable poorly assembled lighting. Yale Lighting Concepts provides durable security lighting options you can trust to protect your home, including beautiful styles from WAC Lighting. In fact, interior lighting with a timer is also a great way to deter burglars from choosing your home.

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