Discover How Chandelier Lighting Can Add Illuminated Design To Your Interior Decor

With all of the lighting options today, many people have neglected to use the classic girandole (chandelier) lamp to illuminate their space. Some people may think it’s a little over the top as a lighting option for their home. When in fact, there are many chandelier options that can truly prove to be an asset as a source of light for your home. Yale Lighting discusses why a chandelier could be the perfect new lighting option for your living space in more detail below. 207_Clarendon_3414BZ_FULL

What Are The Benefits Of A Chandelier For Your Interior Space

Enhancement. A chandelier provides beautiful ornamental lighting that is known for enhancing any space in your home. A chandelier is commonly suspended from the ceiling and highlights one specific area. For example, a chandelier is a great lighting option for your living-room, foyer, dining room, or kitchen. Surprisingly, they can also be mounted on your wall in accordance with current trends. If you want to bring attention to a certain area of your home, a chandelier from Hinkley Lighting is the perfect lighting option.

Save Energy. Swap your current chandelier lighting with LED lighting to save money. On average, LEDs save more energy than traditional light bulbs. Replacing your current chandelier lighting saves money when the standard light bulb can cost $25 and a LED bulb cost you less than $5. Replacing a blown out light bulb on your chandelier can save you time and money. Win-win!

Decor. It’s no secret, a chandelier will bring a taste of elegance to any room. Show off your new furniture with a perfectly suspended chandelier hanging overhead. In fact, you can add simple lighting to your kitchen with a modern chandelier that will fit within any budget. Be sure to suspend your chandelier low enough to cast the glare on the perfect area of your home, but high enough to avoid obstructing your vision.

Chandelier options are near limitless. Yale Lighting gives you the option of choosing rustic, elegant, romantic, or anything in between. We have lighting options from top brands such as Hinkley Lightihg. Our lighting professionals offer impressive knowledge and experience that’s completely unmatched by our competitors. Browse thousands of lighting options from our online catalog. You’re encouraged to contact us at Yale Lighting for more details on the industry’s highest standard of lighting including chandeliers.