Landscape Lighting – Safety, Security, and Style

It won’t be long before the chilly temperatures and gray, cloudy days of the winter season will soon be forgotten. Springtime will arrive right on schedule and with the new season, many homeowners will turn their attention to their outdoor landscape. With all the effort that people will put into making their yards look beautiful in the upcoming season, it’s important to consider how the right lighting features can highlight all that hard work. Outdoor lighting also serves other important functions such as supporting security measures against nighttime prowlers, along with providing su#1%20Kichler_Landscape_Tree_and_Wall_SQ_preview  fficient illumination to keep homeowners from stumbling around in the dark and fumbling for their keys after they arrive home.

Illuminating Outdoor Features

Many homeowners use their backyard as a staycation throughout the spring and summer seasons. When families are too busy to get away from it all, it’s nice to know they can relax on their back porch or deck, invite friends over for dinner, and perhaps relax by the pool or hot tub. Of course, it’s important to have all the necessary lighting for these types of outdoor activities. Lighting manufacturers now offer spectacular options in wall sconces, and beautiful pendant lighting specially designed for the outdoors. Path and walkway lighting options offer features that serve not only to illuminate an evening stroll through the garden, but they themselves add a decorative note as well. Landscape flood lights are a great option for those who want to highlight a beautiful bed of flowers or a miniature decorative tree.

Adding Security to the Home

Adding security lighting features to key points around the home, including all entrance points, is a known deterrent for discouraging criminal behavior. Motion detector lighting not only can help prevent break-ins, it can also help discourage nighttime critters from foraging in the yard and digging up flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

Personal Safety

It’s important for both family members and guests to have sufficient lighting as they traverse walkways and paths and other areas around the home. Fortunately, there are a multitude of lighting options available to ensure just that. There are in ground well lights that help illuminate walkways, deck rail lights, baluster lighting, post lighting, and much more. Even homeowners who don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening, still appreciate having a clear path to entrances of their home, as well as an overhead light or wall sconces at every door so they don’t have to fish for their keys in the dark.

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