Kitchen Lighting Strategies

In many homes, the kitchen area is often the main hub of the home. This area typically houses activities such as food preparation and cleanup, and often works as a gathering place where families can meet after work or school to discuss their day. Some kitchens may house a mini-office area where homeowners sit and work on a monthly budget, or children use as a place where they complete homework. The kitchen is probably the primary area in the home that requires multiple lighting sources in order to properly illuminate a variety of tasks.

Defining Function

When investing in lighting options for the kitchen, it is important to consider all the ways in which the area may be used. Most hoRM_FS_Matrimonio_PendantChandelier_APP_P1395DFWDWZ  meowners have counterspace either underneath overhead cupboards or on an island where they do most of their prep work for meals. Of course, it’s not uncommon for food preparation to require the use of sharp knives, and other equipment such as blenders and choppers that use sharp blades, so it is really important for these areas to have clear, focused lighting for potentially hazardous tasks.

Some kitchens need focused lighting for areas where homeowners have set up a mini-desk area for computer tasks, meal planning and budgeting. Countertops typically serve as food prep areas, but some may also play a dual role as a lunch counter, where family members can draw up a stool for a quick bite to eat. In some homes, parents may have set up a small play area in a corner of their kitchen so they can keep an eye on young toddlers while they prepare meals.

Lighting Options

Home lighting options have exploded in recent years and there really is a perfect lighting solution for every area of the kitchen. Recessed overhead lighting offers instant illumination throughout an entire kitchen area, much more so than a single overhead light. Where bright focused lighting is required, there are plenty of track lighting options to choose from, as well as pendant lighting. There are also lighting options that can be installed underneath cupboards to illuminate countertops used for food preparation. Mini-chandeliers can offer a touch of glamour and style to any kitchen, and pendant-style lighting looks spectacular over a kitchen island or lunch countertop. Some homeowners also like to add lighting strips inside glass cupboards or near ceiling height, to show off special kitchen décor, or just to add a soft glow during the evening hours.

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