Bedroom Lighting Styles

Many homeowners put a significant amount of thought into the lighting they use in other parts of the home, perhaps adding a chandelier to make a grand statement for the entrance of the home, or installing overhead pendant lighting to illuminate a kitchen island. As an afterthought, they might use a standard overhead light, along with a lamp or two in the bedroom. However, there really is so much more homeowners can do with lighting fixtures to make a bedroom feel like a relaxing oasis at the end of the day, in addition to fulfilling some practical functions.

What’s your Style?

In order to set the right tone in the bedroom, it’s important to consider one’s persoKhoury-Wall-Bedroom-DET  nal style. Using a favorite décor style will set a more positive and comfortable feeling in an area where people want to spend some relaxation time, rather than trying to adhere some strict decorating rule.

Of course, people typically admire a variety of different styles including contemporary, industrial, glamour styles, rustic, mid-century modern, coastal décor, and more. Fortunately, lighting options have come a long way in recent years. Whatever style a person is drawn to, there are lighting fixtures that will either match or blend with their particular style.

Where to Add Lighting

An overhead light fixture is the classic area to add “wow” factor to a bedroom. Some people like to add a touch of glam by installing a small chandelier overhead, whereas others want to create a relaxed beachy feeling by adding a lighting fixture with a ceiling fan. This latter choice of course, looks amazing in a room decorated with a Coastal/Hamptons feel.

To fulfill practical needs for illumination, some might want to add focused pendant lighting for a corner nook where they can read or knit. Others might want to consider adding a pair of sconces near the bed — great for reading before bedtime or to use while watching TV.

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