Choosing Your New Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is the heart of the home. It’s where you’ll host dinners, where your kids might spread out their homework, where you’ll carve the Thanksgiving turkey, and where you’ll simply come together as a family every evening. What better way to make your dining room the warm and welcoming place you need it to be than with your lighting? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect dining room lighting.

Ceiling Height

Make sure to account for the height of your ceiling when you go shopping for new light fixtures. It’s easy to think of chandeliers right away for a dining room, but if you have lower ceilings, a flush mount might be the best option.

Natural Lighting

In modern homes, open concept layouts are extremely popular in home designs, allowing for ample natural lighting throughout the home. When you have a lot of natural lighting, you want to keep the light fixtures soft and warm. Industrial styles with vintage Edison bulbs look wonderful in open concept homes because they don’t overdo the brightness. In homes where the dining room has fewer windows, look to a more traditional chandelier that will provide the space with a brighter atmosphere.

Reflect Your Style

It’s easy to style your home with furniture and wall decor, but keep in mind that your light fixtures can (and should!) reflect the style of your home as well, in addition to being practical. In your dining room, choose a sphere pendant with wood accents to incorporate your rustic style or a gorgeous starburst style for a contemporary look. The possibilities are endless.

Mix It Up

Chandeliers are the go-to choice for dining room lighting, but if a chandelier doesn’t quite provide the amount of light you need for your space, mix up the look by adding some wall sconces or a couple matching table lamps on a buffet table. Adding layers to your dining area will create intrigue and an ultimately more fun space to entertain in while remaining practical by ensuring the room is adequately lit.

Choosing a new light fixture for your dining room can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay focused on what you need for your space and you’ll find the perfect fixture to reflect your style without overdoing it. Contact us today for help choosing your next dining room light fixture!