Don’t Forget the Hallway When Choosing New Lighting!

Everyone talks about illumination for the major rooms in a home, but without adequate hallway lighting, your domicile can still give off an oppressive or even spooky feeling. People naturally want to avoid dark areas, especially ones that have places where something could be hiding, such as doors that open to darkened rooms. This is why many horror movie ads feature long, dKhloe-Wall-Hallway  ark hallways. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid having this sort of feeling in your home.

Great Hallway Lighting Options

There are two main options that are great for hallways: Ceiling lights and wall sconces. Ceiling lights, when placed correctly, will spread light evenly along the hallway so there are no dark and spooky shadows. There are seemingly infinite ceiling light variations, so you can get the exact look you want.

Wall sconces also come in a wide variety of forms, ranging from basic to ultra-modern. You will likely need a few more of these than you would ceiling lights since they tend to produce pools of light instead of an “over-all” type of illumination. However, they have the benefit of being easier to reach when it’s time to clean the shade or change the bulbs.

Controlling Hallway Lighting

It’s always best to set up hallway lighting so that it can be controlled by wall switches. This lets those using the hall light it up before they enter. Put a switch on each end for the most safety and convenience. You may already have the needed switches, but if you don’t, an electrician can easily install them.

As you consider your lighting options, make sure you take your hallways into account. Then, you can be sure that the “dark and spooky” esthetic will stay in the movies where it belongs.

When it’s time to get your new lights, be sure to contact us here at Yale Lighting. We have all you need to make your home bright and cheery!