Choosing Home Office Lighting That is Practical and Beautiful

Your home office should be a place where you feel productive, yet comfortable. If you work from home, don’t you want to look forward to “going to work” each day? Your choice of lighting can make the difference between creating a welcoming environment and being stuck with one representing the drudgery of performing dull work.

When possible, try to take advantage of the availability of natural light. Do you work at your desk all day? Does bright light help Barrington1 you work more efficiently? If so, consider installing overhead track lighting or choosing a bright desk lamp.

For more of a “homey” atmosphere, however, try recessed lighting or a table lamp. You want a calming environment, but not one so calm that you’re tempted to nap at your desk.

What are your main daily tasks? If you read or write a lot, you need lighting that is bright enough to avoid eye strain, but still pleasant to work with (as opposed to the unpleasant overhead fluorescent lighting in many traditional workplaces).

Some great alternatives for your home office include:

  • Recessed lighting. Brighten the whole room, but in a warmer fashion.
  • Floor lamps. You can move these around to create a certain look and purpose.
  • Table and desk lamps. Try a swing-arm model for specific tasks or hobbies.

Don’t forget to consider “green” lighting, such as LED lighting and CFLs, to save money on your energy bill.

Speaking of conserving energy, consider adding a ceiling fan in your home office. In addition to having a main overhead lighting source, you’ll have an energy-efficient temperature regulator. For the fall and winter months, make sure the blades turn clockwise. To cool your office during hot weather, switch the fan’s direction to counterclockwise.

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