Why Your Bedroom Lighting Should be a Bigger Priority

There is no shortage of people across the country these days that complain that they don’t get enough sleep. Another common complaint is that once they go to sleep, they wake up too often and can’t reach a state of deep sleep. There is plenty of research showing how light affects sleep so it’s definitely a big deal for many people. We aren’t the only ones that think bedroom lighting can play a big part in a good night’s sleep.

A Different Kind of Room

When we think about lighting specific rooms, we think about all that goes on in that room and work from there. Bedrooms, however, are a little different. Some people allow their bedrooms to double as offices or an extension of the living area, but some people maintain one single relationship with that room: sleep.

Artificial lighting can greatly affect the way our body prepares for sleep and the brighter it is, the harder it can be to fall asleep. That’s why you can easily turn to lower wattage or incandescent sources for your bedroom lighting. Another great option would be lamps with shades or flush mount wall fixtures, as they provide a much more diffused illumination.Pave-SemiFlush-Bedroom

Colored Lighting Affects Sleep

Other studies have been conducted that show certain colored lights can often cause people to fall asleep faster than white light or dark rooms. This is especially the case with blue and dark purple lights. Finding a great night’s sleep, then, could be as simple as changing out the bulbs or shades in your room for colors that initiate sleep much faster.

Kindle devices even utilize this technology, giving you the option to use a different colored lighting scheme for your device in the late evening hours. This is said to help get your mind ready for a better night’s sleep by limiting the input of brighter light in the hours leading up to bedtime.

If you need more information about bedroom lighting, or ideas on how to change the lighting in that particular room, be sure to contact us soon. We look forward to assisting you.