3 Fabulous Fall Lighting Concepts That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Autumn is a time to sip hot apple cider, while you sit adorned in a big, woolly sweater tucked away in the comfort of your cozy home. And what could possibly set the mood for a cozy home better than the right lighting? In this post, we’ll look at three fall lighting concepts that will both brighten up your home and get you in a festive fall mood.Diamond-Frontage-Pend-Bath

  1. Light it up With Lanterns: Lanterns make wonderful lighting fixtures because they are so versatile and can be used both inside and outside the home. Whether you just want one to have sitting on your fireplace mantle in the den or several to light up your outdoor walkway, lanterns set the tone for warm lighting on a crisp autumn evening. Although traditionally candles were used in lanterns, you can always use LED candles for a safer option.
  2. Make it Vintage With Antique Lamps: Whether you are a business owner such as a boutique shop or restaurant or just a homeowner who loves to decorate, antique lamps are a great way to make a space feel right at home in the fall season. Thanks to the orange light that comes from the bulb, antique lamps coordinate well with a fall-themed home. You can add a lot of texture to this lighting concept due to the many shapes and sizes the bulbs come in.
  3. Get Spooky With Flicker-Flame Lights: Flicker-flame lights are particularly festive for the month of October, just before Halloween. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use flicker-flame bulbs in all of your lighting fixtures since they are too dim to properly light areas. Use them sparingly in chandeliers, electric candles, and wall sconces. The flickering light will give off a warm, cozy vibe throughout the entire home.

Looking for other lighting concepts to use this fall? Contact us today with any questions you have!