Light up Your Life and Your Home’s Interior

Designing a home interior doesn’t stop once the walls have been painted and the sofa pillows have perfectly placed. Interior hoHarrowPendant  me lighting should also be a consideration when it comes to creating the right look and feel of your home. The right lighting can elevate the style of your home. Light can create warmth and richness. It can exude class or excitement. When it comes to lighting the interior of your home there are many types of fixtures you can choose.


When it comes to lighting, pendant lights are like a piece of jewelry you use to accessorize the kitchen, bathroom, foyer and any other space you want to light up. Pendant lights are usually single lights that suspend from the ceiling. However, there are stunning fixtures like the five light pendantthat will really make your room pop.


Sconce lights are wall mounted fixtures that can be modern or bring old warm charm to any space. You can bring focus to a piece of art by placing two sconce fixtures on either side. While sconces over nightstands in a bedroom can give you additional lighting and double as wall art. For example, this three light wall sconce is as beautiful as it is functional. Wall sconce lighting is a great addition to your interior lighting.

Track lighting

Track lighting uses a track to fit lights. This allows the lights to be moved into varying positions and also makes track lighting a great choice for hard to light areas. Track lighting rails can be used for pendants as well as spotlights. Track lighting is a stylish choice to add light where you need it.


Chandelier lighting fixtures are often the “piece de resistance” in your home. They are hanging light fixtures that are often made of crystal and have many branches, which are glittered with lights. However, not all of them are necessarily ornate. Chandeliers can also be subdued if that is your taste and there are modern chandeliers like this twelve light chandelier that will sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

When it comes to interior design, don’t forget to light up your life. Lighting and light fixtures are a big part of your design aesthetic and can help you achieve the right ambiance for your home. When it comes to picking your lighting, there are no rules, and Yale Lighting will be here with a large variety of fixtures to choose from.