Hallway Lighting – Style and Function Tips

Many people think of hallways, if they think of them at all, as an afterthought.  However, hallways have some important features that often get overlooked.  In some homes, a hallway might be quite wide and serve as part of an entrance to a large home.  In other homArramore-Sconce-Outdoor-DET-RET  es, hallways become important if they are poorly lit and hard to navigate through.  Perhaps there are small children in the home who have a tendency to leave toys and other paraphernalia in an otherwise dark hallway, or perhaps a family member is elderly and cannot see very well in regions of the home that are poorly illuminated.

Safety First

When considering lighting options for hallway areas, the most important factor to consider is safety.  Residents need to be able to navigate throughout a home during evening hours and perform various tasks that require good visual acuity.  Wall color can be a factor as well.  Hallways painted in darker colors tend to absorb available light, whereas hallways painted in lighter colors tend to reflect light, making a hallway area a bit easier to navigate through.

When selecting the proper lighting for a hallway, these factors:  wall color, purpose of the hallway, and the age and health of family members are all things to consider.  If the hallway is somewhat narrow, ceiling lights and/or wall sconces are good choices.  If a hallway is fairly wide, a homeowner might want to add a small table at one or both ends of the hallway and add a lamp to provide additional illumination.

Regardless of the choice of lighting fixtures, homeowners can rest assured they don’t have to sacrifice style in order to accommodate safety concerns.  There are many types of sconces, chandeliers and table lamps that can add beauty and style without compromising on safety.

Entrances and Hallways

In some homes, hallways are actually an extension of the entrance way and most homeowners want lighting in these areas to make a grand statement to guests when they arrive.  There are many options for these areas as well.  Stunning chandeliers, unique sconces and ceiling lights, as well as assorted lamps for side tables are all good choices that will add drama and flair to an entrance/hallway.

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