Interior Lighting: The Kitchen


You want to light everything you do in the kitchen correctly- so put some thought into your lighting plan for this room. It is totally okay if you spend hours standing in your kitchen discussing exactly where the lighting needs to go. Add a dedicated light over the sink if you can, as well as under-cabinet lighting to increase your ability to function at any task in your kitchen, regardless of the time of day.


Pendants serve like jewelry or accessories for your kitchen. It can take a very long time (and several visits from anFEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen electrician) to choose the right ones. Smaller kitchens benefit from clear the can have a larger and more solid looking fixtures. Make sure they hang higher and then eye level so they do not block anyone’s view.


A good lighting plan will ensure the creation of a safe and welcoming ambiance for the room. Consider which light fixtures you will use early on in the design process to make sure you can add light where you actually need it.

The kitchen is the heart of your house, in many ways, so it deserves a thought out lighting plan that addresses this rooms various needs. Good overall lighting design ensures that people will love congregating in this room (as they should!), and you also need to factor in lighting that is aimed at the workspaces within your kitchen.

Task Lighting Tips

Be sure to shine a light on work surfaces in the main cooking and prep areas. Affordable xenon lights are cooler than halogen options and can easily be updated in an existing kitchen layout. Track lighting can be an alternative option to the above-mentioned pendant option and looks great above an island in the center of the room.

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