Unique Lighting for a Small Powder Room

A powder room is a convenience in any home, but it’s such a small area that it often doesn’t seem worth the time to worry about its Denhelm_Bath decor. However, installing unique lighting can transform even a small powder room into a stylish space.

Lighting Ideas for a Powder Room

Pillar Candles — For an eye-catching vintage look, try a pillar candle light fixture with one or more bulbs. These lights look like old world candles mounted on an iron or nickel base. For a vintage, classic, or traditional decor, pillar candles will add interest to your powder room and still complement your home’s design.

Beveled Crystal — For a unique contemporary look, opt for shimmering crystals designed around a tubular frame. Choose a chrome color scheme for a clean, lustrous look or rosy crystals to add color. The integrated LEDs in this style will keep the small space cooler while providing a stunning focal point in the room.

A Column of Light — For a sleek modern look, install a light cylinder with embedded bubbles mounted on a polished chrome base. This trendy light will provide a distinctive look in your home. The integrated LEDs make the bubbles in the design stand out and appear as if they’re, in fact, floating among the light.

Art Glass — For a striking look, regardless of your decor style, try a lighting fixture that’s hand-blown. The colorful art glass comes in patterns for additional interest, or you can stay with a smoother look in a solid color. Such an elegant light fixture will become a favorite decorator item and a conversation piece in your home.

With beautiful lighting, you can turn your powder room into a chic space. For more information, please contact us. We have lighting options available for every room in your home.