Stylish Light Fixtures for Your Home’s Entryway

The first impression of the interior of your home comes when a visitor steps inside your entryway. If you want to create an WAC Lighting_QP-LED544-trio exceptional look, start with lighting. Instead of hanging an ordinary-looking fixture in your entry, opt for a gorgeous chandelier. No matter the style of your home, many stunning options exist.

Stylish Lighting Ideas to Fit Your Decor

Old World — If your home’s decor matches an Old World design, such as Tuscan or any Mediterranean style, consider a chandelier with a bronze finish that comes with lights inspired by medieval torches. This fixture looks fabulous in a single-tier or multi-tier style and offers a unique look with its antique excavation glass. An overlapping Gothic arch is not only beautiful but will diffuse the light to soften its intensity.

Traditional — If your home has traditional decor, try a grand multi-light chandelier with graceful arms. A light bronze finish and sleek candle sleeves will make an unforgettable impression on everyone who sees this gorgeous light. Choose a fixture where the center column consists of classic crystal elements, and then combine this chandelier with a regal ceiling medallion to complete the look.

Rustic — For homes with a rustic flair, consider a multi-light chandelier made from antique forged iron and surrounded by weathered oak in the shape of an orb. You won’t see this type of design in many homes. The kiln-dried wood prevents cracking and warping, and it also kills any fungi or insects in the timber. This type of high-quality product will look striking in an entryway and will enhance any rustic decor.

French Country — For a more delicate and romantic silhouette, such as in a home with French country decor, opt for a multi-tiered white chandelier. Select a design with numerous candle-shaped lights. This type of chandelier works best with a contrasting interior paint color so the fixture will stand out more. Select frosted bulbs for a traditional look or clear bulbs for a transitional look.

Mid-Century Modern — For homes with this type of decor, you’ll want to select a chandelier that genuinely enhances the style. An excellent choice is a lighting fixture with a sculptural starburst silhouette. Clear fluted glass pipes extend in every direction with interspersed burnished brass metal rods. This unique starburst design will become a focal point and conversation piece in your home.

Contemporary — If your home reflects a current or ultra-modern design, a large chandelier with multi-tiers and numerous lights will fit perfectly in your entryway. Select an intricate fixture with gracefully arched chrome or brushed nickel supports and etched opal glass. For a look beyond the ordinary, consider a chandelier with oval-shaped lights and vertical lines.

Selecting a light fixture for your entryway introduces everyone to the style of your home, so make a great first impression with an extraordinary design piece. For more information about interior and exterior lighting, please contact us today.