Setting the Mood in the Bedroom

Lighting is a powerful tool for setting a mood in any room. Bright lighting can make a room feel bigger. Craftmade Bedroom SLider CI52BN Dimmer lighting can make a room feel cozier and more comfortable. Since your bedroom is where you sleep and sometimes work, you want to set the right mood for it. There are a few ideas that can give you total control over the bedroom’s atmosphere.

Dimmers To Adjust The Mood

Dimmers don’t just save energy. They give you control over the level of lighting, which lets you decide if you want something easy on the eyes while you doze off or something bright to let you read. If you want to make your room feel cozier, you can direct the dimmed lights to the middle of the room. This will make your room feel smaller. It will also let you create a romantic mood with the shadows. With the number of things that you do in your bedroom, you want that versatility, and dimmers let you match any atmosphere you need without changing the furniture.

Lamp Placement For Drama

Where you put your lights can be key to creating the mood. Putting hanging lamps in your room effectively lowers the ceiling. You can position them over the furniture that you want to highlight for dramatic effect or practical use. You can also put them in a line to cast a soft glow on your favorite wall  (the one with your favorite art.) You can put a chandelier in the middle of the room for a brighter feeling in the room.

Hanging Lamp Covers That Match Or Contrast With The Walls

Pick the light covers with care. The material’s effect on the light will dramatically change how it effects the room. Plus, the materials themselves can provide a contrast to the wall and ceiling or blend in to the background for any number of effects. Mini shades and decorative lamp covers can bring a fun element to your decor, and they can add an elegant touch as well. Light covers can be the ultimate in mood creation if you pick the right ones.

If you need help creating the right mood for your bedroom, contact us. We have a wide array of styles and accessories for you to choose from. You are sure to find something that is perfect for your bedroom.