Save Energy With These Outdoor Lighting Trends

Solar lights work well as security lights or to illuminate pathways. Some solar security lights are motion sensitive and only turn on

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as someone walks by, which further saves energy and money. With these lights, you don’t have to worry about running wiring to odd places and the lights come on automatically when it gets dark.

LED lights are soft and help create a mood for relaxing or romance. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they are easily programmable so you can set them the way you like them. Use them to gently light areas around your garden, such as near trees or shrubs.

Low voltage lights are easier to install because you do not need to bury the lines deep beneath the ground as you do with standard 120 volt lighting. Low-voltage lighting only use 12 or 24 volts of power and they are great for spotlights or floodlights. You can also use them to down or up lighting trees or other landscaping elements. You do need to a transformer to convert the power to low voltage, but this also allows you to easily control the lights, such as when you want to dim them.

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