Is Your Ceiling Fan Ready for Fall?

With fall being here already and winter coming up, it is important that you take some time to perform maintenance on your home ceiling fan lighting and ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are an essential part of the air circulation system in many homes. We know that a ceiling fan can help make a home cooler when the weather is warm or hot, but did you also know that a ceiling fan can make your home warmer when the weather is cooler?

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

If you do not clean your ceiling fan blades on a consistent basis, your fan blades have probably accumulated a significant amount of dust and dirt. If you want to avoid a dirty ceiling fan, you should include cleaning your ceiling fans as part of your home maintenance. You should especially clean the blades of your ceiling fan if you want to avoid inhaling harmful dirt and dust particles.

The Direction Of The Ceiling Fan

During the fall months, it is important that you change your ceiling fan’s direction. During the fall or winter, you should make sure your ceiling fans are going clockwise. During the summer, your ceiling fan should be going counterclockwise. When your ceiling fan is turning the correct way and you also have an efficient cooling system and an efficient heating system, you may see a drop in your energy bill.

We also recommend that you make sure your ceiling fan is steady and that all the connections are properly aligned. If you think your ceiling fan needs additional maintenance or repairs, you should seek the proper maintenance services if you are unable to correct this problem on your own.

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