Dramatic Lighting for your Kitchen

These days, everyone likes to pretend that they are Julia Child. Not only is the art of cooking a fun thing to share with friends and Soros-Pen-Island Feiss Accent family, but everyone loves the results. Cooking is even more fun in a kitchen with pretty lighting, so if you find yourself spending hours over your stove, consider the following lighting ideas.

Pendant Lighting

These beautiful hanging lamps are like chandeliers, only more concentrated. They are good for getting a lot of light over your work areas without waking up people in the next room. Their lamp coverings can come with any look from Art Deco designs to industrially-inspired cut glass, so they can give a traditional glow to most types of interior decoration.

Mini-pendants can decorate dining spaces or illuminate your kitchen island for a particularly rustic feel. You can hang them in whatever corner that your kitchen needs light to keep it comfortable when you have many helpers, too.

Island Lights

These are perfect for your breakfast nook or your kitchen island. They are chandeliers of only 4 lights in a row. You get the magnificent concentrated light where you need it with the charming touch only a chandelier can provide.

Recessed Lighting

If your tastes run to the post-modern, recessed lighting will give your kitchen a futuristic vibe. It is a very discreet way of getting a lot of light on your kitchen, too, so if you would rather have guests marvel at your furniture instead of the lamp covers, or simply feel that your kitchen is big, recessed lighting may be your preferred option.

Under Cabinet Lights

Want to show off your fancy spice rack or china? A light under the cabinets lets you illuminate your favorite things for good effect. A light under the cabinet that is over your counter also gives you plenty of light to chop by on dreary days when you don’t want to turn on the bigger lights. You won’t have shadows hiding your favorite utensils in cracks with these either. Face it, your cabinets can block the light from the windows and other sources. Why let the shadows win?

If you have taken up gourmet cooking in a big way, why not make your kitchen a fun place to pursue your hobby? Yale Lighting Concepts can help you burnish your kitchen’s lighting, so feel free to cook up some dramatic lighting in your kitchen anytime.