Give Your Bathroom Lighting a Facelift

Thinking about giving your bathroom a facelift? Considering some upgrades for better energy efficiency? Whether it’s injecting some updated style, enjoying better convenience or trimming back your electricity bill, these emerging advancements in lighting and technology and practical tips can help you meet your bathroom remodeling goals.

1. Illuminate from all directions. Eliminate harsh shadows by placing light above and on either side of the mirror. Stylish sconces and well-placed recessed lighting can help diffuse illumination for more pleasing lighting you’ll be glad to wake up to.

2. Ventilate with efficiency. Effective, efficient ventilation is a must in the humid, high-moisture space defines a bathroom. Today’s ventilation fans are designed to minimize noise and maximize energy efficiency. Many feature motion sensor activation, built-in heaters and humidity sensors for the ultimate in convenience.

3. Dim for ambience. Setting your bathroom lights on a dimmer provides adjustable lighting levels. Lower lighting levels provide a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding in the bath while higher levels better accommodate getting ready. As a bonus, dimmers offer significant energy reduction that will help save green.

4. Heat for better comfort. Nothing quite shocks the system like a cold bathroom floor. For the ultimate in warm comfort, consider a radiant floor heat system, which is more energy-efficient than baseboard heat. Installing infrared lamps mounted outside the shower or tub is another great way you can take the chill off.

5. Inject some style. Set on an energy-saving dimmer, a decorative light fixture positioned over the bathtub or by the vanity provides warmth and style. From decadent chandeliers to minimalist fixtures, you’ll find a variety of options available at

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