Fun Lighting for a Boy’s Bedroom

A boy’s bedroom should always be a place where he wants to spend time and a place that he wants to bring his friends. Decorating the room with items that interest him will make him feel like the room is his own. A boy’s space should stimulate his imagination — from the colors to the style of furniture and even the lighting.

Lighting for a Boy’s Bedroom:

Table Lamps — Most boys love animals and the outdoors. You can incorporate this love into their lighting. Table lamps with a sleek black finish and an animal designed base will look great in a boy’s room. Select styles with horses, bears, deer, or even an elephant on the base to add fun to his room. A black, rust or colorful base that includes outdoor scenes will delight your child and all of his friends. Opt for lamps with animals displayed in art glass panels in the lamp shade for something truly unique.

Flush Mounts — For overhead lighting, don’t select something drab or utilitarian for your boy’s bedroom. Opt for fun and out-of-the-ordinary lighting instead. For example, you might want to choose a bowl-style mount with a unique rustic finish. To match the table lamps, consider a flush mount that depicts the outdoors with branches and leaves portrayed on art glass panels. Choose beige art glass, rather than clear or white glass, for a genuine outdoor feeling. This style of lighting fixture will draw the attention and interest of almost any boy.

For additional options on lighting fixtures that will look great in a boy’s bedroom, contact us today. We can help you find unique and fun lighting for any room in your home!