The Ultimate List of Home Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking for the Ultimate list of home lighting ideas, then look no more. We’ve got the ultimate list of ideas for this subject.#1 Natutical Nuances

Kitchen Lighting:

  • Brighten unusual spaces with a touch of color. By adding colored lighting above cabinets and on back splashes, the kitchen becomes a room for creativity.
  • Instead of replacing entire lighting fixtures, try giving the kitchen a touch of personality by covering old fixtures with decorative lamp shades.
  • Pendant lights make the perfect addition to kitchen with islands. Stainless steel pendants give the kitchen a contemporary look, while colored pendants make for an electric style.
  • Recess lighting focuses light on specific areas within the kitchen.
  • Using under cabinet lighting focuses the light on countertops. A great, inexpensive way to add lighting to an existing kitchen.

Living Spaces:

  • Using recessed lighting allows you to focus light above sofas, chairs, and coffee tables.
  • Decorative wall sconces add color and style to any living area and comes in many styles.
  • Lamps are the easiest option for lighting. Try using a variety of shades to change brightness and color.
  • Adding layers of lighting to living spaces provides different levels of lighting effects. Use a mix of chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps to create the layered look.

Dining Room:

  • Chandeliers make a great addition to any dining area.
  • Cover pendants with lampshades that match the room’s decor. These pendants are great for rectangular tables and provide visual volumes for rooms with high ceilings.
  • Using sconces along dining room walls creates an elegant backdrop, setting the mood for a perfect meal.


  • Create a spa-like experience by placing a chandelier over the bathtub.
  • Use a mix of sconces, decorative ceiling lights and recessed lighting to create the perfect layered look.
  • Match light fixtures to the bathroom’s theme. For a farmhouse look, try using barn lights and fixtures.
  • Using strips of LED light above and below the mirror, illuminates the vanity area, creating a dramatic look.

With this list of home lighting ideas, creating the perfect setting for your home just got easier. However, keep in mind that the perfect lighting system adds to the decor of your home.

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