Three Ways to Brighten Up Your Basement With Lighting Options

If you have a basement that doubles as a livable space in your home, ensuring that your lighting needs are met is important. If your basement is lacking windows, getting creative with your lighting options is a must. Here are three ideas when it comes to Progress Recessed Low Ambiant Light brightening up a dark basement with lighting.

1. Ambient and Low-Level Lighting

While it might seem as if bright ceiling lights are the best option to instantly brighten a dark basement, this might actually shrink your space and be too stark of a look. If you can mix up the types of lighting in your basement area, this can add depth and make darker rooms look more spacious. Try to have a mix of ceiling lights, lamps, and hanging lights to achieve a more diverse lighting set up throughout your basement.

2. Ensuring Corners are Well Lit

Basements are bound to have corners that are in the shadows, but with a little creativity, you can brighten up your entire space. These darker basement areas can be brought out with strategic lighting placements. This can be achieved with low-level lighting or lamps placed near mirrors to reflect even more light into dimmer areas of your basement.

3. Suiting the Needs of the Space

Depending what you are using your basement for can directly dictate what lighting options might be best. For a cozy den, low lighting can make your basement feel homey. If this space is used for a home gym, brighter lighting can energize your space. For home offices, having bright lighting near your work space will save your eyes.

Taking advantage of your basement and using this a functional area of your home can be a great use of space, but your lighting needs should be taken into consideration as well. Make sure your basement is well lit to help with your needs, to make this space more inviting, and feel more spacious. If you are thinking about updating lighting option in your home, contact us to help get you started.