Effective Home Lighting Ideas for Your Office

Many people today have an office in their home. An important feature in an office is proper lighting. You want lighting that is functional and stylish and lighting that complements your home’s decor. Here are a few suggestions to consider:Adesso_Chelsea      LED Table_Floor Lamp

Overhead Lighting

The first type of lighting to consider is an overhead light for your daily needs, such as when you’re working on your computer or reading. You can choose a chandelier, a lighted ceiling fan, or even a flush or semi-flush mounted light in a variety of styles. An antique or two-tone finish is a distinctive look for any office. For an even more unique look, consider adding a ceiling medallion in a finish that matches your lighting and room decor.

Task Lighting

The second type of lighting to consider is a desk lamp. The additional light is useful when making notes or putting together a list. You might also need extra light to illuminate small print that you’re trying to read. Remember that desk lamps don’t have to look boring. Choose a Craftsman or Tiffany style to add a cozy feel to your office. If you want something more modern, try a lamp with a chrome finish or something in nickel. Both look nice and work well in an office setting.

Track Lighting

Another useful type of lighting is track lighting. These lights are perfect for specific areas in your office. You can illuminate your bookcases, so you can more easily find items on the shelves. You can highlight treasures displayed on other shelving in the room. Track lighting can also enhance any artwork or decorator items that you have hanging on your walls.

Various options exist for office lights. For more ideas, please contact us today. We’re known for unique, sophisticated, and quality lighting products. We’re sure to have something perfect for your home.