Lamps: Your Connection to Beautiful Ambience

The right mix of lamps will enhance your home lighting in a way that is useful and personalized. A variety of lighting sources Schonbek table Lamp customized to your needs make your home comfortable for your family and guests; unique lamps add style to your decor in unexpected and practical ways.

Consider the Scale

The size of your room and type of furniture in your decor is important to consider when selecting lamps. Enhance large rooms and sizeable pieces of furniture with large lamps that stand on their own as strong elements in the room. Smaller table lamps add soft lighting to dark corners or provide task lighting exactly where you need it.

Mix Decor Styles for Interest

Whether your decor is traditional or contemporary, make a design impact with lamps that express bold style. The contrast of a traditional lamp in a contemporary room is a whimsical choice; a sleek, modern lamp provides the same eclectic appeal in the traditional home. Layering your decor with unique elements adds interest and allows you to express your personal taste.

Choosing Lamps

When choosing lamps for specific types of ambient or task lighting, it is imperative to choose lamps that provide light exactly where you need it. A too-bright reading light produces glare, and a bedside lamp that shines into your eyes defeats your goal of soft bedroom ambience. Table lamps are an ideal choice for end tables next to beds or couches, and floor lamps adapt to many locations around your home.

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