Make Your Summer Nights Glow With Poolside Lighting

Poolside Lighting _Yale Spending time in the pool is the perfect way to pass those late summer evenings. But don’t let dark corners and dim lighting turn your poolside fun into a miserable experience. With the right poolside lighting, your pool will sparkle and your guests will love lounging by the pool all night.

Spotlight Your Best Poolside Features. It’s important to consider the area surrounding your pool when you consider outdoor lighting. Well lights around prized plants and shrubs will bring out their nighttime beauty, and uplights on majestic trees will create an artistic display of branches and leaves. Landscape lighting around water features, pergolas, and seating areas will create a warm, welcoming glow. And path lighting will help you and your guests navigate your poolside area safely.

A Rainbow of Colors to Light the Night. LED lights are becoming more and more popular for backyard and poolside lighting. They have a long lifespan, low energy cost, and their bright light is fun without being harsh. Best of all, color-changing LED lights can instantly turn your get-together into an aquatic party, and can set the theme for any occasion. LED lights are often installed under the pool coping to add light around the perimeter of your pool.

Floating Lights are Fun and Energy-Efficient. Floating pool lights are a quick and easy way to add a burst of fun light to your pool. Solar floating lights have an advantage over battery-operated versions, since they’re convenient for long-running, low-cost lighting that only comes on at night.

Don’t let poor lighting keep you from enjoying your pool to the fullest this summer. Contact us to learn more about the right outdoor lighting that will make your summer evenings glow.