Home Lighting For The Gaming Family

There is little doubt that video and computer-gaming is popular these days, but for family togetherness or a festive atmosphere going back to the more traditional concept of games can bring life to the party.

Defining the focal point of the room, you should adapt your lighting around it. If you have a billiard table, for example, it will have to be properly lite not only to emphasize the table, but to ensure proper lighting for playing the game as well. You may choose an old-fashion, Tiffany chandelier affect, or perhaps something more modern in chrome, depending upon the decor of the room. Billiard table fixtures are generally multiple-light in nature, with a minimum of three bulbs.

The card table may be used for canasta or bridge, but may also be used for board games accommodating children and adults alike. A hanging chandelier may be in order here as well, but perhaps something with a softened globe as to not particularly shine in the face, rather lighting the entire area.

Many rooms may have an abundance of light during daytime hours, where additional lighting would only augment that provided by nature. You may consider dimming switches that allow minimal effect during the day, but more pronounced lighting at night.

HGTV has an article posted on 12 Playful Game Rooms with some nice tips for creating one.

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