Foyer Lighting Makes an Impression

SGL KelvynPark_Foyer Lighting Your foyer is the introduction to your home. It is where people will get their first impression of what your house is like.  To make sure your foyer is presenting your home, there are a few things you should do.  Keeping the furniture to scale, hanging a large mirror, accessorizing in your own unique style are a few things you can do to make sure you are presenting the right image.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all, however, is to make sure your foyer’s lighting matches your style and represents the house.  At the same time, the lighting is where you can go the most dramatic without fear of overwhelming the space.

  • Antique

This antique six light foyer chandelier is an open concept that gives depth and air at the same time.

The glass globe and metal combination in this three light chandelier give a real Old World feel.

  • Traditional

The elegant four light foyer chandelier, in a modernized French Provincial style, has clear teardrop crystals and a rustic finish.

This five light foyer chandelier has crystal drops and a candelabra base.

  • Modern

For an angular feel without closing in the space, this eight light pendant gives your foyer the straight lines and open feel you’re looking for.

This modern piece uses curves in an open design.  Crystals add lightness to the globe shape.

No matter what your style, make sure your foyer makes the first impression you are hoping for with the right furniture, accessories, and, most of all, your foyer lighting.  Contact us to discuss even more lighting options for your beautiful foyer.