Illuminate Your Summer Garden with Home Lighting

When you design, plant, and maintain a beautiful garden, you have created a space that is elegant and useful for entertaining guests on warm summer nights. Choosing to illuminate your garden with sophisticated outdoor home lighting will enhance your garden’s beautiful features, add dramatic curb appeal, and create an elegant nighttime look._R0F6728

Outdoor path lighting will help you and your guests to move safely through your garden. We offer a wide variety of path lighting, including charming animal-themed lights for a whimsical look with a practical function. If you have stairs in your garden, each step can be safely illuminated with our selection of LED step lights.

Uplighting the unique focal points in your garden is a simple way to showcase trees and architectural features that have an interesting shape or cast unusual shadows in the garden. Trees and bushes can be uplit with underground well lights for a dramatic look, and our accent lights will enhance artwork, fountains or waterfalls to define the central heart of your garden.

To determine the best lighting design for your garden, you can take the same approach as you would to choose ambient and task lighting inside your home. Most areas of your garden will benefit from dramatic accent lighting, path illumination, and a soft ambient glow. With the same artistic eye you used to design your garden, you can create beautiful vignettes with the use of shadows and silhouettes.

We invite you to browse our online catalog or visit one of our East Coast showrooms for more information about our outdoor lighting products. When you contact us, you’ll find the lighting you need to transform your garden into a summer evening retreat.